Join me on an adventure around the land of fire and ice. 

We will be visiting iconic, beautiful, and EPIC locations all around Iceland. From the stunning tall waterfalls, to the mystical black sand beaches. We will have our hands full exploring the most beautiful locations in Iceland, as well as creating new moments and friendships. 

Custom tour 

Together we'll create and organize the trip catering to what works best for you, and what you want to see and do the most. You pick your own travel dates and duration of the tour. 

Autumn Tour

Autumn time is the perfect time of the year to explore Iceland. It's right in between winter and summer, so you get both daylight and night time. I recommend this tour the most if you're interested in seeing the northern lights. 

Summer Tour

Summer tour is for those spontaneous, adventurous ones. A whopping whole day of sunlight gives you unlimited time to explore and see the countries rich colors and landscapes. You will get to experience the magical midnight sun. We will have the chance to camp and go to locations you can't in other seasons. Pack your bags and let's have a summer of a life time.