Join me on an adventure around the land of fire and ice. 

We will be visiting iconic, beautiful, and EPIC locations all around Iceland. From the stunning tall waterfalls, to the mystical black sand beaches. We will have our hands full exploring the most beautiful locations in Iceland, as well as creating new moments and friendships. 

Iceland Tours and Photography Workshops

4 Days South coast Iceland tour

Join me on this four-day excursion, to explore the Southern Coast of Iceland. From many famous Waterfalls, the iconic Black Sand Beach, and the Glacier Gagoon. This tour would be best to anyone looking to pack the best attractions in Iceland in just a few days. 

6 days around the ring road Iceland Tour

Spring time is the perfect time of the year to explore Iceland. It's right in between winter and summer, so you get both daylight and night time. I recommend this tour the most if you're interested in seeing the northern lights and exploring the country hands on. 6 days will allow you to really appreciate the moments and enjoy your time.

6 days camping and hiking iceland Tour

Get ready for an adventure of a life time. We will be traveling around Iceland, exploring Waterfalls, Glaciers, Craters, and much much more. We will have a mixture of cozy cabins and camping under the sky light. A truly hands-on experience of Iceland. Pack your bags and let's have a summer of a life time.