About Me

One of my biggest passions is to capture moments. I have grown to have a love and desire to capture moments, especially landscapes and night skies. I also enjoy capturing moments of people in nature to show the scale and depth of the landscape. Photography was the first step into getting lost and finding myself; it was the first outlet that introduced me to adventuring and exploring. It got me outside and gave me an outlet of expression. Photography was something I felt that I was good at for once. Photography gave me hope when my hope was scarce. It has created a desire for me to travel, see, and experience more. 


2016-2017 University Of California Berkeley. Officially dropped out after my first year to pursue travel.

School has never been for me. At the age of fifteen, I dropped out of high school to work and support myself. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I had the want to go to college. Consequently, I enrolled in Independent study and struggled with teaching myself. My hard work paid off and I ended up graduating with a GED. I then applied to some major colleges hoping my story and experiences would make up for my lack of attendance in high school. 

After finishing my first year of college, I decided to withdraw and pursue my travels. I am too passionate about my dreams to stick around a routine-based lifestyle. Summer for 2017, I packed my whole life into a backpack and left on a one way flight to Iceland to start the journey of my career. Ever since, I've been going at my dreams full-time. Constantly encountering obstacles, but never the less, continuing to push forward. Sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit.

I don’t really have plans. I don’t like plans actually. I tend to just make last minute decisions and just go for it. I usually end up somewhere and let life take me wherever it wants to take me.
— Cuong Hoang